The World's First Aromatherapy Facial Steamer

Mindful meditation. Clearer, healthier skin. Relief from sinus congestion. This is the at-home spa you've been looking for.

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Aromatherapy For Sinus Congestion

Seasonal allergies, cold symptoms, or other conditions got your sinuses clogged up? Our home steamer provides aromatherapy for sinus congestion. The Aromatherapy Steamer will work miracles for your airways. Paired with peppermint, tea tree or lemon essential oil, the aromatherapy steamer’s healing steam magnificently clears out a stuffy nose or throat.

More On How Aromatherapy Helps Sinus Congestion
Aromatherapy helps sinus congestion
the best facial steamer for home use

The Best Facial Steamer For Home Use

After you wash your face or get out of the shower, use the Maivara facial steamer to open your pores and help your skin drink up some nourishing essential oil-infused steam. No need to pay for a professional facial when you have our home face steamer. Brighter, clearer, happier skin is just around the corner.

Aromatherapy for meditation

Aromatherapy For Meditation

Bring the mindful relaxation of the spa into your own home. As our many 5/5 star customer reviews attest, taking a restful moment to steam your face with essential oils is a great way to recenter, let go of anxiety, and enjoy a mood boost.

Aromatherapy For An Energy Boost

Tired of feeling completely exhausted by the middle or end of your day? The Maivara facial steamer can help you unlock aromatherapy for an energy lift. Treat yourself to some delicious cinnamon or rosemary infused steam to stimulate the olfactory nerve and trigger a release of energy in your mind and body.

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Aromatherapy for an energy boost

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