Aromatherapy Facial: Detox, Destress And Enjoy Clean, Clear Skin

Essential oils are made up of natural compounds from plant material, and offer some great advantages for facials. These oils come from the steam distillation of their respective plant compounds. That means that essential oils do not have any artificial substances or toxic ingredients. They are some of the purest substances you can put on your skin and in your lungs! (Provided that they are properly diluted, of course.) 

Essential oils have an array of healing properties, and because of the oil’s tiny molecules, they can penetrate cell membranes within five minutes of application or inhalation. Use an aromatherapy facial to discourage acne and pimples, reduce excessive facial oil, and provide your skin cells with the nutrients they need in order to brighten and glow. 

Woman gives herself aromatherapy facial

Choosing Your Essential Oil Blend For Your Facial

When giving yourself an aromatherapy facial, the first step is to decide what you want to accomplish. Start with an assessment of your skin and bodily needs. Is your skin dry? Include Ylang Ylang oil. Is your skin oily? Consider using Tea Tree oil. If you’re looking to relax, Lavender is a go-to.

Once you determine your needs, it’s time to create your blend. Remember that you should rarely place an oil directly on your skin and even more rarely should you directly ingest an oil. Essential oils should almost always be diluted with water, oil, or cream. The ratio should be 20 drops of essential oil to 2 fluid ounces of the base.

The Diffusing Process

When diffused through a steamer, the warmth from the steam opens your pores and transfers the oil into your skin through the water vapor. This gentle cloud helps your skin rapidly absorb the power of the oil.

Steam your face for about 5-10 minutes. Slightly longer than that shouldn’t be harmful, but you may have exhausted the benefits by that point. Extremely long periods of steaming may result in damage and skin dehydration. Do not hold your face closer than 6 inches from the source of the steam and be aware of the temperature to prevent burns to the facial skin or eyes.

Depending on your skin, you can give a steam treatment to your face a few times a week. More than this may result in increased sensitivity. Remember, your body will tell you what it wants and needs. Always cleanse your face before steaming and make sure that the water is clean. When done correctly, this process will restore beauty and hydration to tired skin.

Why Choose An Aromatherapy Facial?

Aromatherapy is more than nice smells and the placebo effect. Studies have shown that aromatherapy actually alters brain waves and behavior. It physically decreases cortisol levels in the brain. This “stress hormone” is the source of a lot of anxiety and up-regulation, so aromatherapy is a powerful tool to combat over-excited nerves.

Self Care as a Lifestyle

Taking the time to detox and destress is an essential part of your routine. Add it to good sleep, intentional nutrition and consistent exercise to reap its amazing skincare and mental benefits. An aromatherapy facial is a great excuse to take an hour and really pamper yourself. 

End your session with a gentle facial mask now that your skin is clean and hydrated. Avoid harsh products or heavy makeup directly after in order to give your face some time to breathe. Practice mindfulness by meditating, giving yourself a gentle facial massage, or listening to music. The act of steaming your face is a kindness, but the intention to heal and rest is what will actually change your life.



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