Steam Meditation

Steam Meditation Nightly Routine

Whether you’re in a Facebook fight or being chased by Murder Hornets, we could all use a little meditation and relaxation these days. Taking time to unwind and relax is a health practice we often overlook, but that has a significant effect on our overall health. Did you know that stress can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes? Not to mention it can cause headaches, fatigue, and trouble sleeping among other things. This steam meditation routine is a great practice to implement at the end of the day to help you wind down and get better sleep. Try it for 30 days and see how it changes your life.  If you’re broke like me and don’t have your own sauna room, this is even better!


Read below to learn how to make your own personal relaxation aromatherapy sauna!



Step 1: Add 2 drops of Frankincense, Douglas Fir, and Wild Orange to your grounding lava stone. Place it in the groove and turn on your unit.


Step 2: Free yourself from distractions, grab your favorite towel and create a towel tent over your head to trap the steam. Your head doesn’t have to be directly over your mug as the towel will trap the steam and create a mini essential oil infused steam room.


Step 3: Close your eyes, take deep breaths through your nose mentally counting to 6 as you inhale. Hold the breath for a moment and then exhale through your mouth while pursing your lips like you’re blowing out a candle. Inhaling through the nose gives the oils better access to the olfactory system.


Step 4: Repeat step 3 for at least 10 minutes and enjoy! You’ll feel your body relax and your mind clear. Not to mention your skin will love it!


Following this practice every night before you go to bed will drastically change the quality of your sleep, reduce anxiety, and lead to many other amazing health benefits! It may even safe you from strangling someone for their political views. So give it a try!


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