Aromatherapy Steamer

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Clear, glowing skin. Easy breathing. Pure relaxation.

The Maivara Aromatherapy Steamer produces 25 minutes of relaxing, thick steam at the push of a button! Simply add water to the reservoir, apply your favorite essential oils to the grounding lava stones, and turn it on. It's the at home spa you've always wanted! The stones time release your oils and protect them from excessive heat.

The Aromatherapy Steamer is designed to offer you a truly therapeutic aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in a cloud of thick, warm steam as it opens your airways and delivers powerful botanicals to your olfactory and respiratory systems. The effects of this steam aromatherapy are not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally therapeutic.

Incorporate steam aromatherapy into your daily meditation routine to:

  • Relax and recenter
  • Relieve stresses and anxiety
  • Soothe airways and nurture your skin
  • Boost immune system and enhance your mood
  • Calm your mind for enhanced sleep

It's your personal relaxation center

The health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to relieve anxiety and depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, cure headaches, boost cognition, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion, and increase circulation.
Steam is a powerful mechanism of healing itself. Steam has been used for centuries to drain sinuses, relax and meditate, open airways, soothe skin and open pores, relieve head tension, and much more!
When oils are added to steam, you get the combined benefits of steam and aromatherapy! Steam becomes a powerful medium to deliver your oils to your skin, respiratory system, and olfactory system. Create a towel tent over your head to trap the steam and you will have your own aromatherapy sauna!
Use it for:
  • Facials and Skincare
  • Mediation and Relaxation
  • Clear sinuses and head tension
  • Soothe sore throats and relieve cold symptoms
  • Support respiratory health and boost immune system

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Mary B.
United States United States
Lava stone steamer

Love this steamer. Feels good and looks great. Is a welcomed addition to my weekly facial routine.

Karina C.
United States United States

This is powerful tool! I love it. It Help me and my family. Thanks!

terra o.
United States United States
Great new remedy!

Tried this for the first time tonight and WOW, blown away at the product. It plugs right in, heats up and steams the oils quickly and effectively. So glad I purchased this for general health, as well as cleaning the sinuses from our horrible CA fire air!

Patricia B.
United States United States
Love this steamer!

This steamer is helping me so much. I have allergies the flare up with out notice. I get server sinus pressure. Almost like a migraine. And will turn into a sinus infection fast. I use essential oils and the help me tremendously. So this has given me a great option to use my oils. Lemon Lavender and Peppermint in a whole new way. I also add Basil. I love this for the relief I get!


So glad to hear this! Love the oil combo!

Cindy J.
Canada Canada
25 min of Tranquility.

I plugged it in, added alkalinized water and a drop of peppermint and a drop of eucalyptus doTERRA essential oils to the lava stone. I pushed the button and closed my eyes and was immediately immersed in relaxation once the warm steam touched my face. I’m now using it daily after my shower before I apply my face moisturizer. What a wonderful self care product. I highly recommend it.